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Finding someone to partner with about finance is personal.  It's important to find that perfect fit. 

At Guiding Financial, we specialize in working closely with women on their own. We help middle income women remove uncertainty in their financial decisions. Not so they can be focused on money but so they can more fully enjoy the life they are creating in the present.

It's what I love most about working one on one with clients around money, the softer side.  Financial Planning and Financial Coaching done with a Financial Advisor allows you to feel reassured.  We will cover the technical side and the emotional side.  Analysis and advice on Investments, taxes, insurance, estate planning, cash flow, and retirement are the nuts and bolts as all certified financial planners know. These are the financial tools we use to help our clients accomplish and arrive at a plan to live a life they love.

Clients who choose to engage with Guiding Financial are looking for something bigger than a budget, bigger than a detailed debt or retirement plan, bigger than having appropriate investments. (All of those things do happen by the way) but it's not the real reason they go through this intensive one on one process.

Some clients are interested in getting rid of the worry or shame that issues around money can bring. Some clients are interested in having a place at the table when talking to other loved ones who seem to know more about finance. And almost every client wants to really know for themselves if they are on the right track.  And they want to See Results!

Why are you interested?

How it works

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The process is simple - not easy, but simple.  We work together closely for 6 months to build your financial security and to create freedom to live a life you love and can afford. 

Here is what we create, together:

  • Organization 
  • Debt planning 
  • Retirement planning 
  • Disability and Life insurance coverage
  • Tax reduction strategies
  • Cashflow planning
  • Income maximizing strategies
  • Home purchase planning
  • College planning
  • Estate planning strategies and review
  • Investment planning

You actually understand what needs to get done and you accomplish these steps with support.  In other words you do not just receive a book of future advice for the home office shelves.  Each and every plan is created according to your values and goals.  And each one has a list of actionable steps for you to take.

At Guiding Financial, you will become confident in your ability to create financial security and freedom. 

Tools are chosen to build on your own strengths and personality.  The environment is open and caring. Hard questions like"why" are encouraged so that you truly understand the choices you are making, and are confident in seeking clarification when needed, from myself or any other service or product provider.


About Me

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Based in the beautiful Northwest, I am doing what I love!  My children have grown into amazing adults, my dog is happy to go out on the trail but okay to rest when I'm busy geeking out on finance.  My husband has taken up sailing - a hobby that challenges and excites my conservative planning nature.  And me, I'm working in my own firm helping women create and live their unique and wonderful lives.  When I'm not meeting or talking to clients, you can most often find me upriver in the Willamette National Forest reading in my hammock next to the river or taking part in our little community store.

My masters degree in financial planning and counseling, my undergraduate degree in accounting, my Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) certifications and my experience advising families and individuals in personal finance from physicians to low income has all accumulated to allow me a career in which I can feel free to devote the necessary time to helping each of my clients succeed and to serve them without conflict. I always act with my client's best interest first.  And It's an honor to do so.

Cindy Kleiner MS CFP® AFC®

Guiding Financial, LLC is a registered investment advisor firm offering fee-only advice (no sales, no commissions)

Contact Me

Send me a message.  Feel free to tell me a bit about your financial goals or concerns and , if you like,  why you think we may be a good fit. I will get back to you soon to schedule a consultation

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